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Cambodia's Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has reportedly promised that the ministry will launch 5G technology in the "near future" to support the country's digital goals.

According to reports, MPT Minister, Chea Vandeth, stated that the ministry has been working on a policy that will grant operators access to the required 100 MHz of spectrum to run 5G networks.

Vandeth, speaking at the first Digital Government Forum and Digital Technology Expo in Phnom Penh, stated that the ministry is committed to connecting the entire country with 5G, but he did not provide a timeline.

“Cambodia will consider launching 5G technology at an appropriate time in the near future,” according to Vandeth.

This isn't the first occasion where the MPT has hinted at the imminent arrival of 5G. Between 2018 and 2020, Cambodian telecom giants such as Metfone, Smart Axiata, and CamGSM (also known as Cellcard) conducted trials for 5G. However, in 2020, the MPT retracted their trial licenses, citing concerns about the potential redundancy and inefficiency of multiple 5G infrastructures.

In 2021, as per media accounts, Vandeth echoed similar sentiments, stating that the ministry was in the process of examining 5G technology and formulating a strategy for spectrum allocation.

With these developments, Cambodia stands at the cusp of a transformative leap in telecommunications, poised to leverage 5G capabilities to propel the nation towards its digital aspirations.

The implementation of 5G in Cambodia promises profound transformations across sectors. It will provide faster and more reliable connectivity nationwide, driving economic growth by fostering innovation and Industry 4.0 advancements.

Enhanced connectivity will revolutionize education and remote work opportunities while enabling the development of smart cities and infrastructure solutions. Ultimately, 5G will position Cambodia for sustained growth and competitiveness in the digital age.

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