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BBIX, Inc. has partnered with PLDT Enterprise and Smart Communications Inc. to launch the Roaming Peering eXchange (RPX) service in the Philippines, aiming to enhance the data roaming services in the country.

Pioneering Enhanced Mobile Roaming Exchange

RPX is the only mobile roaming exchange in the market which provides direct ‘Layer 2’ peering between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with extremely low latency and cost-effectiveness. This unique feature ensures exceptionally low latency and cost-effectiveness by bypassing intermediaries and third-party networks. With direct peering, RPX enhances reliability, as it minimizes potential points of failure in data transmission between MNOs, resulting in uninterrupted connectivity for mobile users. Additionally, MNOs benefit from improved control over their roaming traffic and network infrastructure, enabling them to optimize routing paths and implement tailored quality-of-service (QoS) policies.

Moreover, RPX's direct 'Layer 2' peering offers scalability, allowing MNOs to accommodate growing volumes of roaming traffic and expand network coverage seamlessly. This scalability, combined with the cost-effectiveness of direct peering, leads to more competitive pricing for roaming services, benefiting both operators and consumers.

Furthermore, RPX enables direct Layer 2 interconnection between MNOs globally to BBIX’s L2 platform, removing the need for traditional IP eXchange (IPX) services, ensuring exceptionally low latency and cost, while also facilitating faster and more reliable data transfers, therefore enhancing user experience.

A Symbiotic Partnership

Benedict Patrick Alcoseba, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise Product Management at PLDT Enterprise, highlighted that the partnership exemplifies PLDT’s commitment to providing its customers with a top-notch experience.

“With RPX, we’re not just improving speed and reliability; we’re redefining what our customers can expect from international roaming services. We remain committed to the success of our customers, and RPX is a pivotal step in ensuring seamless connectivity for them across borders,” said Alcoseba.

Meawhile, Michikazu Charlie Fukuchi, Executive Vice President, Board Director & COO of BBIX, Inc., expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential to improve Smart's data roaming services.  

“By integrating Smart into the RPX platform, we’re setting a new standard for data roaming globally. This initiative will not only enhance connectivity for Smart’s subscribers but also attract MNOs seeking efficient and cost-effective data exchange solutions.”

In December 2023, BBIX also assisted PLDT in upgrading its IX peering to a capacity of 100 Gb as part of their partnership, ensuring high-quality service provision for end-users.

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