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ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) has announced a joint venture partnership with VNG Corporation to develop, construct, and operate data center projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This collaboration involves the ongoing operations at STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 (formerly known as VNG Data Center, located in the Tan Thuan area), alongside the establishment of a new facility, STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 2. Expected to be operational in the first half of 2026, the second data center will be situated 1.5 km away within the same Tan Thuan cluster.

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Establishing New International Standards

Based in Singapore, STT GDC provides colocation services globally via over 95 data centers across more than 20 business markets. Together with VNG's local expertise and engineering, the partnership aims to establish new international standards for data centers, thereby supporting Vietnam's digital transformation efforts.

STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 boasts an Uptime Tier-3 rating and holds certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and PCI-DSS, ensuring robust security measures. With a total IT load capacity of 9.6 megawatts, it aligns with the stringent standards required by local and international banks, financial institutions, internet exchange (IX) operators, network service providers, content delivery network providers, edge computing cloud providers, and various enterprise segments.

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Strategically positioned as the first carrier-neutral connectivity hub in Ho Chi Minh City, this facility provides extensive network coverage for major local telecommunication operators. It also offers valuable services such as cloud access to leading providers, local leased lines, and disaster recovery workspaces. Clients at STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 can establish direct peering connections to VNGGames and VNG Cloud, enhancing their connectivity options.

The upcoming data center, STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 2, holds significant development potential, boasting up to 60 megawatts of IT load capacity upon completion. Linked to the first data center through a robust network infrastructure, it ensures seamless connectivity and scalability. Additionally, it will benefit from its proximity to essential facilities including substations, key telecommunication networks, transportation hubs, logistics centers, business districts, and industrial zones. Access to other provinces will be facilitated through the HCMC Outer Zone Expressway, enhancing its accessibility and appeal for businesses.

Supporting Vietnam's Digital Transformation

“We are thrilled to partner with VNG in our venture to build and operate data centers in Vietnam. VNG's deep local knowledge, carrier neutrality, extensive customer and partner network and commitment to technological innovation perfectly align with STT GDC's vision. Together, we bring a unique blend of global and local expertise to deliver a new international standard of data center solutions, supporting Vietnam's digital transformation journey,” said Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Asia, STT GDC. “Vietnam is at the cusp of significant growth in the data center market, and we firmly believe that the combined strengths of both partners will enable us to serve the local market with agility and pace.”

Le Hong Minh, Founder and CEO of VNG Corporation, expressed confidence in the company’s partnership with STT GDC, acknowledging the latter's esteemed position as a global leader in data center operations. He anticipates that this collaboration will establish groundbreaking service benchmarks for Vietnam's data center sector and facilitate the introduction of their products and services to global markets. Together, they aim to propel the AI cloud movement forward, catering to the needs of both regional and local businesses, aligning with pivotal trends in the digital economy.

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