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VEON, a global digital operator that offers combined connectivity and online services, has announced that Banglalink, its digital operator in Bangladesh, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Robi, the second largest mobile operator in Bangladesh and a subsidiary of Axiata Group.

The purpose of this agreement is to explore the potential sharing and optimization of network resources in order to expand 4G coverage and improve network performance. By sharing infrastructure, both VEON and Banglalink aim to adopt a business model that is more focused on assets.

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This approach aligns with the strategies of both companies and supports their goals of enhancing customer experience and environmental sustainability. A successful collaboration between Banglalink and Robi will result in broader 4G coverage, better network quality for customers, reduced duplications, and more efficient use of resources, including energy.

This collaboration with Robi Axiata is just one of the steps that Banglalink has taken to expand its 4G services using an asset-light approach. The company previously signed an MoU for network sharing with Teletalk, the fourth-largest operator in Bangladesh.

Additionally, Banglalink recently sold part of its tower portfolio to Summit Towers Limited, a subsidiary of Summit Communications, the largest telecommunications infrastructure company in the country. The company has also made efforts to prioritize the efficient use of its resources by phasing out 3G services.

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Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO of VEON, stated that this collaboration is a significant development for the digitalization of Bangladesh. The exploration of network sharing between Banglalink and Robi will lead to efficiencies that will benefit customers and the country as a whole, in line with the Smart Bangladesh Vision 2041.

Terzioğlu also commended the Government of Bangladesh for creating an investment environment conducive to growth, sustainability, and efficiency in the industry by supporting collaboration and innovation.

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