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KDDI, Super Micro Computer Inc., Sharp Corporation, and Datasection Inc., have announced their plan to establish the largest AI data center in Asia, which is expected to revolutionize the AI infrastructure landscape in the region.

The agreement aims to drive technological progress by combining the industry expertise and resources of the four companies to build an advanced AI data center, which is expected to start operating as early as possible.

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The AI data center is planned to be built on the site of the former Sharp Sakai Plant and will be equipped with the state-of-the-art AI computing platform, GB200 NVL72, which will be supplied by NVIDIA. Meanwhile, Supermicro is expected to provide a platform that effectively manages heat generation to ensure optimal performance.

The former Sharp Sakai Plant is expected to be an optimal site for the planned data center, as it can offer enough electric power and ample room to meet the needs of the AI data center. Meanwhile, Datasection's expertise will support the data center in ensuring its seamless operation.

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Moreover, KDDI will provide robust support by building and managing the AI data center and network infrastructure. This project falls in line with KDDI's recently introduced business platform, "WAKONX" (wakon-cross), which aims to facilitate the AI era by offering customized networks and AI services for different industries.

KDDI is committed to achieving its KDDI VISION 2030, which advocates for “The creation of a society in which anyone can make their dreams a reality by enhancing the power to connect.”

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KDDI aims to accelerate the revitalization of Japan's economy by establishing an AI data center and promoting the development of a sustainable society.

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