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The organizer of Asia’s largest technology and digital media event has said the conference is specifically designed to help organizations and companies become ‘future-ready’ and ‘future-proof’ in order to adapt to the on-going digital transformation that he claims is the most critical component in Asia’s future.

CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia kicked off today in Singapore and the three events attracted 1,800 exhibitors from 62 countries – split between two different venues in the city’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel and nearby Suntec.

With the concept of being “future-proof” and “future-ready” as the underlying themes across the events, nearly every exhibitor present is displaying technology, concepts and ideas that emphasize the importance of planning for the future and creating long-term, sustainable solutions.

Organizer UBM SES project director of communications Victor Wong said: “With digital transformation turning into a critical component of Asia’s future, we have designed CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT, and BroadcastAsia 2017 to help companies who are eager to be future-ready.

“With two venues, we are able to host even more leaders and entrepreneurs from the entire innovation ecosystem, open up more opportunities to learn latest trends and network with peers, and provide a holistic and interactive experience for all attendees.”

CommunicAsia, in particular, looks towards Smart Cities and “smart living” as a crucial part of the future.

STMicroelectronics executive vice-president and president of the APAC region Marco Cassis said in a statement: “The increasing pervasion of intelligence and connectivity across a broad range of applications and devices, along with the need for more efficient power and resource consumption, is at the heart of the Smart Living trend.”

“Technological advancements are enabling the design of ‘smart things’ that are powerful, compact, energy-efficient, secure and affordable enough to provide new capabilities on a large scale and have unleashed the world’s vast creative potential,” he said.

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