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Nokia and China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) are to demonstrate how 5G enable support for new services such as telehealth, potentially transforming emergency hospital patient care and driving new practices.

5G will enable the use of discrete network "slicing" techniques, allowing operators to serve multiple end users with a variety of services meeting different demands for latency, speed and capacity over a common 5G network infrastructure. In a demonstration at China Mobile's booth at Mobile World Congress Shanghai this week, Nokia and China Mobile will show how 5G network slicing will support the high-reliability needs of critical applications such as telehealth.

The demonstration will use technology based on the Nokia 5G FIRST solution, including the Next Generation Core to replicate communications between ambulance and hospital staff as an emergency patient is being transported. 5G network slicing can enable the rapid and reliable transmission of high-bandwidth images, such as patient X-rays and video, in real-time, to the hospital. This will save vital time, allowing doctors to begin diagnosis of a patient's condition and make initial preparations while the patient is still in transit.

The application of Nokia 5G FIRST in the telehealth demonstration also draws on Nokia's professional services expertise. This capability will help operators like CMCC evolve their networks to 5G, with end-to-end design and deployment support for 5G use cases - such as telehealth - based on reference architecture and solution blueprints.

Yu Xiaohan, head of Nokia Network China's Customer Business Team for China Mobile, said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with China Mobile and use 5G to demonstrate a highly efficient and effective Telehealth solution. As a leading developer of 5G, we continue to engage with customers on research and development, best practices and the uses of 5G to prepare for future introduction of the technology. We'll continue to fulfil our mission by making people's life easier as we create the technologies that connect the world."

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