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Chinese ICT solutions provider Huawei announced the initiation of its "Slice Mall" innovation project, based on the concept of "slicing as a service and as a commodity." This global project aims at accelerating the commercialization of 5G slicing and helping carriers achieve business success in a range of vertical industries.

Recent years have witnessed the rapid development of telecom networks providing unprecedentedly diverse services. Communications today is not limited to just people. It also connects machines in fields such as unmanned driving, industrial control, smart grid, and AR/VR media.

5G network slicing technology is a premium option for carriers who intend to extend their businesses into vertical industries. The "Slice Mall" project initiated by Huawei enables the commercialization of 5G slicing by selling network slices. Carriers can utilize this project to incorporate network slices into vertical industries.

By building a service platform for selling network slices, the "Slice Mall" project of Huawei will assist carriers in incubating more 5G industry applications. Huawei has been working closely with partners in vertical industries such as industrial control, electricity and energy, AR/VR application, online gaming, telemedicine, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) on technical research, testing, and verification.

Huawei, together with China Telecom and State Grid, has released the industry's first 5G slicing report on the electricity industry. It is undeniable that the "Slice Mall" project will help additional cooperation achievements be implemented in a multitude of other industries.

5G networks are renowned for their diverse, differentiated telecom services, and the core network is the basis for them all. Huawei's 5G Core has received wide recognition throughout the industry and has been rewarded with "Best 5G Core Development", "Best Vertical Application", and other industry awards.

The newly established "Slice Mall" innovation project aims to serve as a supportive platform for Huawei to conduct in-depth industry collaboration and application exploration with carriers and industry partners in the future.

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