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In a recent exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Jeon Seung-Ju, the CEO of FNSValue, and Thaib Mustafa, the CEO of FNS Malaysia, shed light on the critical importance of security in the ever-evolving landscape of the telecommunications industry. FNS Malaysia is a prominent subsidiary of FNSValue. Through its innovative technologies and commitment to security, FNS Malaysia plays a crucial role within the broader framework of FNSValue's offerings, contributing to the advancement of secure and efficient solutions in the area of distributed security authentication.

As developers of multilateral distributed security authentication technologies, they discussed the role of security in safeguarding sensitive information exchanged among telecommunication companies.

The Significance of Security in Telecommunications

Jeon, emphasized that as information from telecommunication carriers often contains personal data, there is an inherent risk of extortion during the process of sending and receiving data. The presence of sensitive information in the communication channels of telecommunication companies underscores the pressing need for strict security measures.

Security has become a paramount concern, with the entire spectrum of telecommunication services vulnerable to hacking. He also highlighted the potential for strengthening the protection of personal information handled by telecommunication companies through the implementation of secure blockchain-based authentication solutions.

Collaboration with Big Dataworks

Mustafa, provided insights into the collaboration agreement between FNSValue and Big Dataworks. Big Dataworks, with a focus on fintech and govtech, seeks solutions for swift access to digital services.

The collaborative effort aims to move away from the conventional ID and password ecosystem, steering towards digital password-less and high authentication blockchain-based services. This strategic alliance signifies a step towards enhancing security in digital transactions and ensuring seamless access to services.

Global Expansion and Future Collaborations

When asked about future collaborations, Jeon expressed FNSValue's commitment to expanding its impact by collaborating with financial service providers, including legacy banking and fintech companies, to establish a robust security ecosystem in Korea. “In addition to Korea, we are trying to create a better security ecosystem by collaborating with many foreign companies,” he continued.

Mustafa also highlighted the urgency of global expansion, emphasizing the need to explore opportunities in Asia, Europe, the US, and the Middle East. The goal is to ensure the swift adoption of blockchain-based authentication technology, contributing to the creation of a secure digital world.

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