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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Tech Mahindra SVP & Head, MEA, Ram Ramachandran, explained how the company revolutionizes computer vision and streamlines the complex journey of AI adoption, using a holistic approach.

Can you explain the potential contributions of the recently launched ‘Vision amplifAIer’ solution to computer vision? In what ways will it help MEA-based businesses in scaling AI?

At Tech Mahindra, we believe that the world of tomorrow is going to be enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we are committed to revolutionize enterprises through advanced AI-driven solutions. Marking a milestone in our journey to drive digital transformation is ‘Vision amplifAIer’ – a powerful solution within our TechM amplifAI0->∞ suit of AI offerings and solutions. Designed to enhance computer vision applications for enterprises, Vision amplifAIer simplifies the entire life cycle management of computer vision projects, with emphasis on de-skilling the whole process. By significantly reducing the time needed for each step, it enables a workforce without extensive data science skills to develop these applications efficiently. This solution also facilitates the scaling of AI within enterprises by expediting the creation of use cases.

Through its provision of pre-built models and a generative AI capability for synthetic data creation, Vision amplifAIer enables the reuse of existing models and empowers transfer learning for new use cases. Leveraging our deep investments in AI, understanding of customer requirements, and expertise in driving digital transformation, Vision amplifAIer becomes a catalyst for exceptional efficiency for our MEA-based businesses. The solution contributes to both internal and external success through a holistic and adaptive approach.

How has Tech Mahindra been active in promoting digital transformation?

We – as a digital-first company – have been a relentless advocate of digital transformation. With a visionary approach, we have embarked on a journey, intertwining technology and enterprise seamlessly and successfully positing ourselves as trailblazer. Through strategic investments, a profound understanding of customer needs, and a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge AI offerings we have unfurled a realm where businesses thrive amidst a digital paradigm shift. We have organized our business into five prominent business lines— digital, connectivity, engineering, processes, and cloud that fundamentally shape the organization with focus on telecom, manufacturing, banking, financial services, retail, and the public sector, just to name a few. Our commitment transcends mere provision; it's a dedication to empowering industries through comprehensive digital metamorphosis.

How does Tech Mahindra intend to contribute to the transformation of the MEA region's least developed nations by 2024?

In the vast landscape of the Middle East and Africa, we see a canvas of opportunities ripe for transformation. The region boasts some of the world's swiftest 5G networks, most innovative smart cities, and top-notch infrastructures. However, it's not just about the present; it's about harnessing this potential for a brighter future. Africa, with its untapped potential, particularly stands out. The extensive fiber networks being laid across the continent are not merely about digital enablement; they hold the promise of revolutionizing societies. From education to healthcare and the overall improvement of social standards, the influence of digital technology can be profound. Interestingly, Africa leads the world in adopting digital money, showcasing its readiness for technological advancements.

Our commitment to the Middle East and African markets runs deep. We are making substantial investments by establishing development centers in key nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Our approach involves more than business; it's about fostering a localization strategy. We are empowering the youth with digital skills for personal growth and to give back to society and uplift their nations. This strategy aims for economic progress and for societal advancement. Through this initiative, we envision a ripple effect where digital empowerment leads to the overall upliftment of these nations.

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