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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Xin Chang, Huawei's VP of Standardization and Industry Development, shed light on the pivotal role of telecommunication standards in driving innovation and fostering digital transformation. As a prominent player in the industry, Huawei continues to champion advancements in ICT, telecommunications, and computing technologies, recognizing their foundational role in shaping the future across diverse sectors.

Significance of Telecom Standards in Innovation: A Symbiotic Relationship

Chang emphasized the open nature of standards, presenting them as a platform accessible to everyone, “the best part of the standards is that it is an open platform for everyone, and I think standards are really helpful for our innovation.” She highlighted the profound impact of standards on innovation, serving as a conduit for various sources of cutting-edge advancements. Access to the standards platform means the ability to tap into the most advanced technologies within a specific domain and timeframe. Chang underscored the collaborative aspect, emphasizing that standards create an environment where contributors open their doors, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and technologies.

Furthermore, she articulated the symbiotic relationship between standards and innovation. Leveraging the innovations of others not only integrates one into the forefront of technology but also serves as a source of inspiration. This interconnectedness enhances the creative process, enabling innovators to refine and elevate their work. The relationship, therefore, is characterized by mutual support and complementarity.

Huawei's Contribution to Global Telecommunication Standards

In the generation of digital transformation, Huawei stands out as an ICT wonder. Chang reiterated the foundational role of ICT, telecommunication, and computing technologies, categorizing them as essential contributors to progress across industries. As the world undergoes rapid digitalization, Huawei sees telecommunication technology as a method and valuable asset for various sectors.

The emphasis, according to Chang, lies in understanding how industries can derive their business value. Huawei expresses a keen interest in collaboration, seeking to engage with other industries to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions. The company envisions a collaborative journey where mutual support leads to shared success in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Huawei's perspective on accelerating digital transformation aligns with a commitment to open collaboration, standards, and innovative solutions. Through actively engaging with various industries, Huawei aims to contribute to the development of global telecommunication standards, fostering a dynamic environment where technology and innovation intertwine to shape a sustainable future.

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