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At a time when the telecom industry is all about 5G, China has another perspective. It is already making moves to become a pioneer in 6G networks.

According to Su Xin, head of a 5G technology working group at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Beijing started work on 6G past March, however, development is not likely to start before 2020 and it does not expect commercial networks to be ready before 2030. He also expects 6G to deliver improvements across the same three areas that 5G will deliver – improved bandwidth, low latency and wide connection areas.

Following lab trials, experts are expecting speeds to reach 1 Tbps. If it will be able to deliver such speeds, 6G is going to revolutionize the structure of both wired and wireless networks, making it the ‘G to end all Gs’ said Su Xin.

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