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Nepal’s internet service provider Vianet has partnered with Nokia on a multi-year project aiming at deploying a Fiber-to-the-home network across the country, thus providing more than 200,000 customers with access to ultra-fast broadband by 2019, which will allow them to seamlessly benefit from internet applications such as Ultra-High Definition (4k) video content, Internet TV, live streaming, online gaming, as well as support the growing number of devices that are becoming Internet capable.

In the framework of the project, over 100,000 of Nokia’s GPON Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) will be deployed and the GPON fiber solution will help Vianet build up to 2.5 Gbps capable network per subscriber.

With the new FTTH network, Vianet subscribers will be able to upgrade their current bandwidth up to 100 Mbps and all of Nepal will see its broadband speeds significantly increasing.

"Expanding beyond the metropolitan area of Kathmandu, the new fiber network will also enable Vianet to more effectively address underserved areas across Nepal and further increase broadband penetration," Nokia said.

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