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Viettel Group is planning to accelerate 4G universalization in Vietnam by cooperating with vendors to supply smartphones under $65 and feature phones under $25. Additionally, Viettel will add around 2,400 base stations to fill 3,700 coverage holes across the country. With these two solutions, Viettel forecasts the number of 4G users in Vietnam to increase by 10 million.

In 2019, despite a saturated market, Viettel Group telecom revenue grew by 6.4%, twice the average rate of the sector; telecom revenue from oversea markets increased by 24.4%. It's main growth driver in 2019 was revenue from data service, for which the research & consulting firm Frost & Sullivan named Viettel Telecom, the telco arm of Viettel Group, "Vietnam's Mobile Data Service Provider of the Year".

Viettel targets 4.3% growth in telco in 2020 and it will be a challenging objective due to the saturation of Vietnam's telecommunication market and the sector low profit forecast. Furthermore, the group has ambition to become the leader in term of revenue from broadband service with 2019's fixed line revenue observed a 23.2% increase.

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