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China Telecom Global (CTG), a leading global ICT services provider empowering the digital economy has today announced that the company has selected multinational ICT operator, Angola Cables,  as their preferred carrier to bolster their long-haul links between Asia, Africa and LatAm.

Through joint co-operation, the two companies will launch an express transmission route to connect three BRICS countries (China, South Africa and Brazil) via the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS).  CTG will be in a position to extend its global reach  by accessing the robust, high capacity network comprising the WACS, SACS and Monet subsea cable systems of Angola Cables including their  Points of Presence (PoP’s) and data centres in Africa and Latin America.

CTG and Angola Cables have also agreed to set-up a network interconnection in South Africa, and by leveraging both companies’ advanced network capabilities, the transmission capacity and latency between China, South Africa, Angola and Brazil will be significantly improved.

In today’s evolving digital economy, content sharing and data exchange has become vital for all markets. With its extensive network coverage and capacity, this initiative showcases not only CTG’s strategic deployment in Africa but also provides a highly effective and reliable digital highway to connect East and West.

“Africa is a rapidly growing market, and we at China Telecom Global have been building up our service capabilities in the market since 2010. Our relationship with Angola Cables underlines our strong commitment towards improving regional connectivity and supporting our local partners in growing their international presence,” said Mr. Changhai Liu, managing director of China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Limited.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Angola Cables. With this cross-continental express route, we can better serve the growing demand for digital connectivity and business interactions between Asia, Africa and South America - including the BRICS countries.”

CTG in conjunction with its partners is committed to establishing a high-quality ecosystem and global network that offers reliable, diversified international routing resources. Through the current network infrastructure – and leveraging the capabilities and potential of SACS, CTG customers can enjoy secure, cost efficient low-latency speed of ~156 ms connecting Johannesburg to São Paulo.

“Angola Cables is in a unique position to provide a seamless solution to China Telecom Global through our robust network connections in the transatlantic region. Using our advanced network of WACS, SACS and Monet submarine cables, we are able to offer a more direct routing of traffic and data between markets in the East to the rapidly expanding Latin American markets and busy IP traffic centres worldwide,” said Mr. António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables.

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