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Energia Communications (EneCom) - a telco providing Internet and communication services to residential and corporate customers in Hiroshima and the surrounding Chugoku region of Japan - is to launch the first commercial deployment of technology in Japan using technology from Nokia.

G.Fast will enable EneCom to use its copper network to deliver up to 1Gbps ultra-broadband access to residential subscribers over short copper loops. EneCom will commence deployment in June 2016.

The move follows the two companies' trial in 2015 and they say it will allow EneCom to meet growing demand for next generation ultra-broadband access and more effectively deliver the high-capacity, high-quality internet and video services customers need for ultra-high bandwidth TVs, streaming HD video and Internet-connected devices. uses vectoring technology to reduce cross-talk interference between nearby pairs in multi-pair cables that limits the effective bandwidth. ""Providing these fiber-like speeds, EneCom can effectively use the last few hundred meters of existing copper to deliver ultra-broadband access to customers, eliminating the need to rewire premises, which can be a costly and time-consuming part of any fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment,"" Nokia says.

Naoki Okura, head of Global Enterprise & Public Sector in Japan for Nokia, said was proving to be effective in areas that are too complex or expensive to fully deploy FTTH solutions. ""With solutions like Nokia's residential gateways and distribution point units (DPUs), we are able to help Energia Communications quickly and easily deliver on the promise of fiber network speeds and meet the growing demands of broadband in Japan's highly competitive market.""

Products to be supplied by Nokia will include:

  • the 7367 Intelligent Service Access Manager (ISAM) SX-16 which supports for multiple users and delivers 16 vectored ports in a climate-controlled and ruggedized housing unit;
  • the 7368 ISAM CPE F-010G-P with non-blocking gigabit Ethernet connections for home devices;
  • the 5520 Access Management System which streamlines the management, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the network

Nokia says it has over 34 trials with customers globally and its technology is also being deployed by Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan.

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