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Nokia today announced a partnership with QTnet, INC. a subsidiary of Kyushu Electric Power utility company, to launch a local 5G private wireless network. This is the first time a local 5G network is being deployed in the region through commercial spectrum license acquisition.

QTnet, which provides broadband and related services to customers, will now be able to launch new services using Nokia’s local 5G technology, thus creating a sizeable business opportunity. The private wireless network will be based on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, a high performance, private wireless networking and edge computing platform that will power digital transformation across the Kyushu region.

Together, Nokia and QTnet will also join forces with the Kyushu Institute of Technology to provide new local 5G-enabled services on the Institute’s university campus. This will be the first industry-academia collaboration in Japan to create a local 5G environment in a university campus setting. Services include self-operating stores, walking support for the visually impaired, cafeteria crowd monitoring, and new trials with partners and research labs.

Sadao Mouri, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer at QTnet, said: “Local 5G has the potential to enable new applications and business models while dramatically improving users’ quality of life. By deploying robust local 5G private wireless networks in Kyushu, we will enable anchor institutions like education, healthcare and first responders to reach new levels of efficiency and productivity. Nokia’s track record in providing reliable local 5G networks will be an important milestone in creating new businesses.”

Donny Janssens, Head of Nokia Enterprise Japan, said: “We are excited to work with QTnet on this 5G initiative, which is the first of its kind in Kyushu. With a high performance 5G network, Kyushu institutions can take advantage of innovative new services and applications which will transform the way they operate. We look forward to expanding the local 5G private wireless ecosystem while delivering compelling 5G experiences.”

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