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M1 Limited (M1) has launched the True 5G network in an exclusive market trial, allowing both its existing and new mobile customers to enjoy the enhanced benefits of the most advanced 5G Standalone (SA) technology in Singapore.    

Unlike the 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) launched last year, which leveraged 4G network infrastructure to deliver some early 5G capabilities, the True 5G SA network operates independently of 4G network infrastructure to deliver an enhanced and secured suite of capabilities. 

Customers can enjoy the True 5G experience with faster speeds, close to real-time network responses and enhanced connectivity. True 5G is up to 10 times faster than the 4G network and 4 times quicker than the 5G NSA network. It is also 50% more responsive as compared to the 4G and 5G NSA networks, offering users a lag-free experience. True 5G also enables connectivity to more devices without any reduction in speed or quality.

Additionally, M1 customers will be able to enjoy a truly elevated call experience via the Voice over 5G New Radio (VoNR) service on M1’s 5G SA network – a first in the world – that allows customers to experience crystal clear high definition voice calls, improved productivity with 5G speeds on data driven activities throughout the duration of voice calls as well as faster call setup time.

With these enhanced capabilities of True 5G, consumers can enjoy more innovative and diversified digital experiences such as 5G cloud gaming, real-time interactive streaming and entertainment, as well as immersive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications very soon. Meanwhile, True 5G experience will enable revolutionary new applications and new business opportunities across a range of areas from robotics (for manufacturing and healthcare) and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), to maritime applications and retail banking.   

“Customer centricity is at the heart of everything we do at M1 and we are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary True 5G network that will enable all our customers to live, work and connect better. Being Singapore’s first network operator to move our entire back-end system to a cloud-native platform, we will be able to unleash the full potential of 5G by riding on 5G SA’s cloud native architecture to create the latest and most superior services available in the country. The commercialisation of 5G SA unlocks new business opportunities and revenue streams for us, while bringing about revolutionary advancements across various industries. It is also in line with Keppel’s Vision 2030, which includes empowering communities with digital connectivity,” said Mr Manjot Singh Mann, Chief Executive Officer, M1.

M1 is working closely with some of Singapore’s most exciting enterprises and SMEs to reimagine and redefine how businesses can use 5G to increase efficiency, accelerate innovation and meet customers’ needs. This B2B2C model not only creates new revenue streams for M1, but also opens up limitless possibilities for businesses by leveraging the incredible speed, responsiveness and extreme device density of advanced 5G networks.

Working in close synergy with its key shareholder, Keppel Corporation (Keppel), M1 has also developed a wide range of 5G applications for various businesses across the Keppel ecosystem, ranging from smart city solutions to enhancing yard safety and productivity. M1 and Keppel will continue to actively explore more 5G-enabled business opportunities and collaborations across the Keppel group of businesses.

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