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CSG is transforming the way companies engage with their customers by arming today’s leading brands with future-ready, innovative solutions that drive extraordinary customer experiences.

The company has announced the acquisition of DGIT Systems, a provider of configure, price and quote (CPQ) and order management solutions for the telecoms industry. The acquisition brings together industry leading solutions specifically designed to streamline the complexities of commercializing the next era of multi-party digital offerings that will drive business growth for communications service providers (CSPs). 

Order processing and management is often the root of frustration for CSPs when delivering complex data and digital services to B2B and multi-play B2C customers. As CSPs push to leverage the massive bandwidth and low latency of 5G and edge architectures, order processing demands will continue to rise alongside customer service expectations. By extending CSG’s solution footprint with DGIT’s CPQ and order management capabilities, CSG is primed to help operators tackle one of their greatest challenges and enable them to easily deliver multi-party digital offerings through an ecosystem of partners to all customers so that they can increase customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction. 

“CSG’s acquisition of DGIT Systems uniquely positions us to help CSPs win in their quest to deliver next-gen, 5G digital offerings that will excite both consumers and enterprises,” said Ken Kennedy, COO and president of revenue management and digital monetization, CSG.

“With consumer services at the peak of commoditization, the greatest opportunity now lies in the B2B and B2B2X sectors. This paradigm shift means operators need integrated technologies, like CSG’s monetization suite, that can ease the complexities of delivering dynamic, interoperable ecosystems across a multitude of partners. With this acquisition, CSPs can easily deploy CSG’s end-to-end solutions to seamlessly deliver multi-party digital offerings to all customer segments and, in parallel, automate onboarding, innovation and settlement with a rich network of partners.”

The combined CSG and DGIT solution provides a TM Forum Conformance Certified, modern, open and decoupled architecture that provides the flexibility for CSPs to innovate and implement new digital services.

Additional capabilities include an active, rules-driven catalog based on TM Forum’s Open APIs that visually builds offers from components in design time, including service and resource layers, then drives system behavior at run time; a powerful CPQ solution completely automates configuration, pricing and quote management for the most complex products and services, including live pricing, pricing policies, discounts and workflow driven approval processes; a catalog-driven order management system with reusable processes and visual configuration provides proactive communication, transparent fulfillment, trouble-free activation and order orchestration that includes manual and third-party system hand-offs, jeopardy management and automated escalation processes; and sophisticated monetization processes simplify the management of complex rating, charging, payments and settlements.

“As the market places greater focus on B2B and B2B2x service models, robust CPQ and order management solutions can greatly reduce provisioning and billing errors, which are two of the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction for communications service providers today,” said Karl Whitelock, IDC research vice president, communications service provider operations and monetization. “CSPs are starting to invest in solutions that can help them to monetize these complex business relationships along with empowering them to manage the various parts of their digital ecosystems, especially partner resource accountability and settlement. Technology suppliers, such as CSG, who are building out comprehensive ecosystem commercialization solutions, play a pivotal role in the ongoing transformation of their CSP customers." 

“DGIT’s strategic partnership with CSG highlights the value of our combined portfolio to the communications market,” said Greg Tilton, founder and CEO, DGIT. “This acquisition brings the advantages of global scale and a world leading monetization portfolio to both DGIT and our customers. Together with CSG, we can help CSPs thrive in today’s digital-first world.”

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