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National Telecom (NT), The WhiteSpace (The WSP), Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. and Chunghwa Telecom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for collaboration in a 5G private network. The joint project will support the "Thailand 4.0" innovative manufacturing plan and assist Thailand in accelerating the use of 5G Innovative applications to introduce technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), information security, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. In addition, the project will help realize innovative application services, such as Thailand's smart manufacturing, remote collaboration, and smart medical care.

National Telecom (NT) is a state-owned enterprise 100% owned by the Ministry of Finance of Thailand. It has obtained 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 26 GHz and other frequency band licenses in Thailand's 5G release. The WSP is the largest MVNO service provider in the Thai market, dedicated to 5G new application services and innovative development of the Internet of Things. 

This four-party multinational cooperation promotes 5G enterprise private networks and innovative application services in the Thai market. It focuses on solving the pain points of digital transformation for enterprises in the post-epidemic era and leverages Chunghwa Telecom’s abundant technical energy, service best practices, and solution ecosystem partners to support Thailand. Moreover, it will assist the Thai government in creating a 5G innovative application service ecosystem to make Thailand a leader in industrial transformation and technological innovation among the five North ASEAN countries, namely Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

Firstly, this cooperation between Chunghwa Telecom, NT and The WSP is to introduce a 5G private network to actualize AR remote collaboration for application in assembly training, operation assistance, and visual equipment control at the main office and first plant of Delta Electronics (Thailand) in Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Thailand. This will complete digital transformation for the post-epidemic era.

In the future, this joint plan will extend to the local government, manufacturing, tourism, medical or financial industries in Thailand. Chunghwa Telecom will provide their own MEC Intelligent A+, as well as design and planning experience. NT will provide the local 5G core network. Lastly, The WSP will provide local marketing and operation experience, and work together to create innovative application services for Delta’s smart factories.

Chunghwa Telecom is cultivating regional partnerships as part of the government’s Southbound policy for a long time. It has joined forces with telecommunications companies such as Thailand’s National Telecom, Vietnam’s Viettel Group, Singapore’s Singtel, as well as other cross-border telecom companies. It is also calling for more high-quality partners from Taiwan to join the new Southbound national team.    

Mr. Nattawut Satrawaha, senior executive vice president – Wireless Communication 2 of NT, stated, "5G innovative application services will play a key role in technology and serve as an enabler in the post-epidemic era. Thailand, as the center of the five North ASEAN countries, occupies a very important position in terms of geography, transportation, and economic and trade relations. Through this cooperation, we can help Thailand to become a regional center for talents, logistics, and cash flow. In the future, we can also work together to serve corporate customers in the ASEAN market."

Dr. Chaiyod Chirabowornkul, chairman of The WhiteSpace (The WSP) pointed out, "The WhiteSpace is delighted to be part of this big step in developing 5G private network initiative in Thailand. 5G private network can demonstrate the strength of 5G and lay down groundwork for 5G ecosystem. We foresee 5G private network as a future of MVNO in Thailand. We would like to thank NT for the opportunity and trust in our partnership to start with the POC. We would like to thank CHT International in their willingness to bring their 5G solution to Thailand and trust us as a local partner. We believe with this partnership we can bring 5G private network to be very attractive and effective solution for large enterprise in Thailand."

Curtis Ku, senior director, Thailand Country of Delta Electronics Thailand, said, "Delta Thailand is delighted to pioneer 5G for smart factory applications in Thailand with Chunghwa Telecom. As a top electronics company and innovative solutions provider in Thailand, 5G connectivity offers us many opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT), information security, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data, which will accelerate our smart manufacturing transformation. This groundbreaking project at Delta’s main plant is an excellent learning model for local manufacturers, which supports the Thailand 4.0 development policy, and a firm platform to build further Taiwan-Thailand business collaboration for mutual benefit.”

Sarah Wu, president of Chunghwa Telecom International Business Group, remarked, "Chunghwa Telecom has been cultivating the new southward development plan for a long time, our mission has been to actively form alliances with high-quality international partners to develop various innovative application services, and to call on more Taiwanese manufacturers to join the new southward national team. We are convinced that through this cooperation, Taiwan will reach a new milestone in the expansion of the ASEAN market, and usher in a new digital transformation service energy for Thailand and the ASEAN market.”

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