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Maxis has recorded another resilient quarter, as it continued to ramp up investments to build strength in its core mobile business while accelerating the growth of fibre and enterprise business in a continued challenging environment. Driven by its strong convergence strategy, the company delivered an increase of 3.0% year-on-year in service revenue for the quarter to RM2,030 million, up 3% year on year.

Having access to more than 5 million homes nationwide with its fibre network, Maxis expects to build around 400k premises passed within the next 12 to 18 months, with a majority to be completed within the year. Meanwhile, Maxis provides the convenience of 4G home wireless broadband for areas where fibre is not available.

Maxis’ consumer business continued to deliver growth, maintaining leadership in mobile, network superiority and the preferred choice for converged connectivity. Consumer business revenue increased 2.4% to RM1,642 million. Through its solid partnerships, Maxis business has accelerated its transformation into a strong  technology partner ready to serve the market with its holistic converged ICT offerings.

In ensuring that its customers continue to enjoy an “All-Ways Connected” network experience, Maxis invested significantly, RM171 million in capex for the quarter. A substantial portion of this has gone into future proofing its Enterprise solutions as well as fulfilling Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) targets.

For the last six years, Maxis has been a leader in mobile speeds based on MCMC’s annual network performance report. The quarter also saw sharper focus on delivering an unmatched personalised experience in a highly digitalised environment.

“I am pleased with our strong start to the year and our resilient performance clearly shows that our convergence strategy is on the right track. Our top priority is to continue to deliver a great converged network with an unmatched personalised experience across all channels for our customers. We are committed to building and connecting communities for the digital future of the nation,” said Gökhan Ogut, CEO, Maxis.

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