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China Broadband Communications (CBC) has announced that SD-WAN eNet Connect will be extended to cover Asia Pacific and Europe after its success in China, adding 15 global point of presence (PoPs) to the existing 35 PoPs in China.

“With the expansion of eNet Connect, CBC supports Chinese companies expanding overseas, or global MNCs looking to make their business foray into China,” Hoo Shu Yee, VP, product and solutions of CBC stated. 

Today, businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud for their business network adopting hybrid SD-WAN solutions, while shedding their traditional MPLS networks. Business networks have fundamentally changed, becoming more digital at their core. Organizations are moving quickly to ensure platforms and infrastructure run smoothly to deliver a seamless customer experience.
SD-WAN is mostly built over the internet as a key proposition of SD-WAN is to lower network costs. However, as an internet network, no single provider has full control over traffic routing. Consequently, poor and unstable internet impacts SD-WAN performance and negates any benefits of SD-WAN, affecting business operations. 

eNet Fabric – CBC’s Middle Mile Optimization Solution 

CBC eNet Connect SD-WAN is an agile, cloud-based SD-WAN/Network-as-a-Service, that not only offers the benefits of SD-WAN technology (overlay) including centralized management; fast deployment; optimization; and security features, but also offers congestion-free and deterministic (underlay) network performance with eNet Fabric.

CBC eNet Connect ensures good end-to-end performance and great user experience from user to applications including last mile, middle mile, and first mile. It optimizes the middle mile internet by connecting customers to the nearest eNet Cloud Router that will on-ramp traffic to the eNet Fabric. Utilizing both public and private network resources on its proprietary CBC IP Network, the eNet Fabric achieves an effective cost-performance ratio guaranteed by a global backbone and its patented Smart Path technology to route the middle mile traffic if performance in the primary route deteriorates.
In China and overseas, CBC eNet Connect is providing Fortune 500 companies with high-performance SD-WAN services on a single service level agreement (SLA), powered by CBC eNet Fabric, to meet the technical and business challenges associated with the Chinese market.
The eNet Fabric integrates IPv4, IPv6, MPLS technologies with a robust global backbone for connectivity via multiple peering with tier-1 carriers and extendable to any location globally. The fabric is backed by SLAs including 99.9% high availability with latency and packet loss under 1%.
As a technology innovator, CBC believes innovation is the key to business growth and is passionate about enabling enterprises to transform digitally. CBC established a technology and innovation center in 2017 and has been investing heavily to develop its SD-WAN platform. Granted 21 patents, CBC extends its leadership in the SD-WAN area. CBC has recently achieved Series A financing from Fortune Capital of RMB100 million to further enhance CBC's technology advantages. 
Currently, CBC has a solid ecosystem of more than 30 NaaS partners and strategic partnerships with 20 technology partners to provide NaaS services.
“We are expanding our strategic partner ecosystem and leveraging the ecosystem to extend our reach and enhance our portfolios to meet our customer requirements in China and internationally,” Ricky Chau, chief strategy officer of CBC, commented.

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