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PLDT announced that it has collaborated with the newly established Cyber Defenders Council.

The new global council comprises cybersecurity experts from across the globe with an aim of advancing cybersecurity measures by adopting the “Defend Forward” approach.

In a statement, PLDT’s  Chief Information Security Office, Angel Redoble said, "[The Council] is something that the community needs. For the longest time, we have been working in silos. While our enemies are banding together, getting stronger and better, we the good guys are doing things on our own."

Meanwhile, cybersecurity technology company, Cybereason’s General Manager for APAC, Eric Nagel, explains that their approach is to prevent malicious cyber activities before they reach their target. “One of the first things we did this year as part of this push for Defend Forward is to collaborate with leading CISOs in every country in numerous different verticals. If we can connect the dots, then we’ll be more effective at stopping what’s going on.”

PLDT’s Redoble also said that the dangers in cyberspace continues to evolve that’s why they deem it important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments on the cyberthreats.

He said, "We are always looking for partners who can commit to sustainable and growing sophistication. That's how this partnership with Cybereason came about."

The Philippines’ major telecommunications provider last year invested about 37 million dollars into its cybersecurity efforts.

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