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ZTE and AIS have jointly launched Thailand’s first 5G innovation hub, named “5G A-Z Center.” Both parties have signed an MOU of strategic partnership to develop 5G tech and enhance the digital infrastructure construction, to bring excellent 5G experiences to Thailand and strengthen the competitiveness of the country on 5G.

“We are here because 5G is a technology to power the country,” said Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of AIS. “As the network service provider with the most frequency spectra and the best network coverage in Thailand, we give top priority to sustainable innovation for the country.”

Currently, AIS has strategically partnered with ZTE on three components. Firstly, they are upgrading Thailand's 5G network, not only in terms of speed, but also intelligence, so as to make the network control itself in real time. At the same time, both parties have jointly developed solutions for business sectors and enhanced competitive capabilities under Thailand 4.0. In addition, they have delivered a vast range of 5G services to improve the quality of people’s lives in Thailand.

“Towards the well-being of individuals and industries, the value-based digital development provides Thailand with soil of innovation,” said Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE Corporation. “The center is a seed of hope, and the alphabet ranging from A to Z also represents the end-to-end coverage. We will be dedicated to satisfying the needs of people and industries and creating a 360-degree digital and intelligent world.”

At the center, ZTE has released a series of next-generation RAN products. The AAU (Active Antenna Unit) for 5G mmWave bandwidth, first jointly developed by ZTE and AIS, can support 1.2GHz and increase data throughput by 50%. The power consumption of the next-gen sub-6GHz TDD massive MIMO has decreased by 25%, reflecting the demand of Thailand to provide excellent user experiences. Moreover, the next-generation FDD 3G/4G/5G multi-mode Massive MIMO, with its performance improved by 100% compared to the previous generation, is going to be verified in the center and will be deployed in the network of AIS.

In terms of 5G industrial applications, ZTE and AIS, with the aim of empowering various industries and promoting digital transformation through 5G, have demonstrated several industry application scenarios at the “5G A-Z Center,” including 5G AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), 5G machine vision, 5G XR, 5G Holography and so on.

In addition, both parties have launched the new 5G ZTE Blade A72 handset, which is expected to hit the market in October 2022, alongside other smart terminals such as 5G CPE and 5G Pocket Wifi.

The cooperation between AIS and ZTE is a crucial step in achieving the goal of becoming a Cognitive Tech-Co by developing the 5G smart autonomous network. Moving forward, both AIS and ZTE will be committed to delivering better user experiences and bringing opportunities to the industries, thereby boosting the digital economy of Thailand.


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