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SK Telecom will be entering the US market by providing a next-generation broadcast solution built with mobile edge computing (MEC) technology to Sinclair Broadcast Group, a diversified media company and a leading provider of local news and sports in the US.

MEC is a technology that provides cloud capabilities at the edge of the network by sending and receiving data to and from a cloud that is close to end-user devices rather than a centralized data center. Based on the MEC technology, SKT developed “Petasus Media,” which enables central broadcasting systems to efficiently operate local broadcasting stations through cloud-based virtualization of the broadcast transmission infrastructure.

Petasus Media was developed by combining SKT's MEC solution (Media Edge Platform) and Dell Technologies’ PowerEdge servers. This time, the company will be providing Sinclair with Petasus Media applied with CAST.ERA's media applications.

Previously, broadcasters had to purchase and install new broadcasting transmission equipment to increase the number of program streams of local broadcasting stations or add new features. Now with Petasus Media, new applications can be installed in the cloud of local broadcasting stations remotely from the central station, thereby enabling broadcasting firms to reduce equipment purchase costs and enhance the operational efficiency of the overall system.

Moreover, Petasus Media supports ATSC 3.0’s  data transmission features, enabling broadcasters to transmit data via broadcasting networks according to their desired schedule. In addition to their existing broadcast services, broadcasters will be able to provide, for example, regionally targeted advertising and real-time alerts for emergencies such as disasters.

SKT plans to expand the market for Petasus Media by selling the solution to broadcasting stations in North America and Korea, where ATSC 3.0-based broadcasting has already been commercialized. Going forward, the company will also develop business opportunities in other overseas markets that are scheduled to adopt the ATSC 3.0 standard.

In cooperation with Dell Technologies, SKT plans to advance into the global market with diverse platforms specialized for 5G MEC. It plans to expand its global reach by leveraging Dell's global sales network and strengthen its 5G end-to-end business by going beyond selling 5G MEC solutions to providing consulting, infrastructure deployment and management services.

“Through cooperation with Sinclair, a leading broadcasting company in North America, and Dell Technologies, which has a strong global sales network, we will drive next-generation broadcasting service innovation in the global market, starting with the U.S.,” said Ha Min-yong, chief development officer of SKT.

“Working with our SKT and CAST.ERA partners to build a state-of-the-art technology platform will provide exciting new business opportunities for the broadcast industry,” said Del Parks, president of technology, Sinclair.

“We are excited to take this next step in applying distributed hybrid cloud platform technology to the U.S. broadcast market,” stated Kevin Gage, COO, CAST.ERA. “The release of the Petasus Media platform will accelerate the introduction of new ATSC 3.0 services in the U.S. and Korea.”

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