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Leveraging remote expert assistance to support smart workflow in factories, artificial intelligence for last-mile delivery in e-commerce, and video analytics for video surveillance via CCTVs and drones in maritime are just some ways that Starhub is advancing digitalization and helping enterprises identify and deliver next-generation digital solutions.

Aligned with Singapore’s vision to become a Smart Nation, Starhub has established the Starhub Digital Experience Centre to showcase use cases of leading technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT to derive business solutions for enterprises and transform industries.

Unleashing 5G’s lower latency and higher bandwidth, enterprises that embark on digitalization can yield streamlined operations, increased efficiency and enhanced customer engagement. As a digital telco, Starhub offers cutting-edge digitalization and sustainability solutions to help meet enterprises’ objectives. By working with best-in-class technology partners, Starhub unifies and orchestrates a data management platform that goes beyond data silos to help enterprises unlock new business value to stay ahead of the competition.

As hybrid working becomes commonplace, Starhub offers workplace solutions that rely on more efficient and collaborative tools to ensure business agility. Combining a suite of connectivity, cybersecurity and cloud solutions, Starhub’s Future of Work transforms how enterprises communicate, collaborate and coordinate to address current and future demands. Spanning device lifecycle management services, enterprise mobile threat defense solutions, and unified communications, Starhub is at the forefront of end-to-end solutions for seamless operations.

The immersive and interactive Digital Experience Centre offers a unique mix of digital and emerging technologies to tailor customer-centric solutions across myriad verticals. For instance, a smart data center demonstrates the benefits of digitalization and automated operations to yield improved efficiency and sustainability.

Utilizing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for personalizations and recommendations, smart retail can deliver hyper-focused retail experiences to improve customer engagement and sales. Additionally, synchronized inventory operations and asset monitoring using store sensors and data analytics can help optimize inventory and supply chain management.

Building on its telco core and ongoing digital advancements, Starhub looks to grow 5G adoption and help enterprises unlock new growth value.

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