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Singtel has reorganized its structure to drive growth, synergies and productivity at the country level. With this move, the telco’s consumer and enterprise businesses in Singapore combine to become a singular operating company. In addition, Singtel will form a standalone infrastructure unit called Digital InfraCo to include the Group’s regional data center business, subsea cable and satellite carrier businesses, as well as Paragon, Singtel’s all-in-one platform for 5G MEC and cloud orchestration.

“This consolidation of our consumer and enterprise units in Singapore is designed to empower our core business to optimise synergies and capabilities to drive growth. With a more unified approach, we would be more agile, competitive and compelling when bringing solutions to market. At the same time, this will allow us to deliver better outcomes for our customers, whether they are consumers, small businesses or enterprise customers,” said Singtel Group CEO Yuen Kuan Moon. “Singtel has a large and unique portfolio of digital infrastructure assets across Asia, which is a key differentiator for the Group. Since COVID, accelerated digitalisation has turned these assets, the passive backbone of our business, into an area of growth. Having invested heavily in these assets through the years, establishing them as a standalone business will allow us to capture new growth as their importance and appeal continue to increase.”

In 2021, Singtel spun off its ICT arm, NCS, to accelerate its expansion into Asia Pacific as an autonomous business unit. NCS has since grown in size and scope, with a 12,000-strong workforce and a regional footprint that extends to Australia. In July 2022, Singtel further decentralized its organizational structure by transferring the management of Optus Enterprise to Australia, effectively giving Optus more operational autonomy and direct accountability.

“These actions are aligned with the strategic reset we announced two years ago and will reinvigorate our core business in Singapore, thereby enhancing returns for our shareholders. With the rising importance of digital infrastructure globally, the new Digital InfraCo is well-positioned to be a credible growth engine that will allow Singtel to unlock latent value in the business,” Yuen added.

These changes will see new appointments and modifications to the Group’s management structure and committee.



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