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SLT-MOBITEL has launched MYFIRST Connection, the first fully comprehensive communication solution to meet students' ever-increasing connectivity demands. It aims to empower students to enhance their knowledge in the digital world.

MYFIRST Connection will allow kids to expand their educational curriculum by connecting them to the digital world, allowing them to study, grow and shape themselves to become important assets to the nation.

The product is designed specifically for students aged 16 to 24 to provide unique features at an unrivaled market price. The MYFIRST Connection bundle includes exclusive perks such as unlimited voice and SMS to any network and 30GB of Anytime data. It also features unlimited free data for e-learning platforms including Zoom, MS Teams, Office 365 and Google Meet.

SLT-MOBITEL recognizes that the current macroeconomic issues have resulted in considerable hardships for families and livelihoods, particularly for young people who have limited disposable income and frequently rely on their parents to meet their requirements. As a result, youth are constantly on the search for connectivity plans that are inexpensive and provide good value for money without sacrificing quality. The development of cost-effective MYFIRST Connection meets a critical market need, assisting students, scholars and other information seekers to ease financial burdens while remaining connected and productive.

The MYFIRST Connection ensures that students have continuous access to educational platforms, allowing them to concentrate on their studies without being distracted by network concerns. Furthermore, the bundle is complemented by SLT-MOBITEL's exceptional network quality and island-wide coverage, providing consumers with a seamless experience.

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