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SLT-MOBITEL, one of Sri Lanka's leading telecommunications companies, has proudly unveiled its new operational headquarters in Welikada, Colombo. This cutting-edge structure represents a key milestone in the company's history, demonstrating its commitment to technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

The new headquarters was thoughtfully developed with cutting-edge amenities and green technologies in mind. It has a dedicated 5G zone, rainwater collection, green energy solutions, efficient power and cooling systems, wastewater treatment, an energy-rated glass facade, electrical fittings, lifts and air conditioning units, among other things. Phase 1 has finished five of the nine stories, with the remaining floors set for completion in Phase 2. Notably, the headquarters occupies only 3% of the overall 7-acre area, giving plenty of room for future growth projects.

Environmental responsibility has been a primary focus in the construction of the new headquarters. The construction is a brownfield development that uses salvaged materials from demolished structures while minimizing waste. An in-house wastewater treatment facility has been installed to collect effluent for vertical gardening and watering within the building. A solar system covering 15,000 square feet on the rooftop will also help generate green energy.

Indoor areas have been meticulously created to create a modern and user-friendly working environment with open office principles and a connection to nature. Notably, a decade-old "Mara tree" has been retained alongside the tower, fusing the project's beauty with the natural surroundings.

Despite several hurdles like the COVID-19 pandemic, government-imposed curfews and political uncertainty, the SLT-MOBITEL team finished the project on time. The project's first stage cost a total of 2,500 million LKR, an excellent performance given the difficult circumstances.

SLT-MOBITEL expects significant cost reductions from the new headquarters. The company will benefit from reduced expenses connected to auto parking, security services, power and water usage and inter-office transportation, with an expected annual savings of 25.4 million LKR. Furthermore, the move to the new headquarters will save an estimated 250 million LKR every year in Rotunda and Proptex building rental costs. This significant cost reduction will help the SLT Group's overall financial success.

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