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Cohesity, a leading company in data security and management, has announced that Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will now offer Cohesity Cloud Services (CCS). This partnership aims to provide efficient data security and management solutions for companies operating in modern hybrid and multicloud environments.

Cohesity has already benefited from strategic partnerships with Cisco and HPE, allowing them to deliver the benefits of the Cohesity Data Cloud to nearly 1,000 joint customers worldwide. In 2017, both companies began working with Cohesity to deliver integrated data protection solutions on their respective servers, simplifying data management, strengthening cyber resilience and aiding in rapid recovery from cyberattacks or disasters.

Currently, Cohesity and Cisco have over 460 joint customers. Two recent examples of customers using Cohesity's FortKnox cyber vaulting service are the Master Group and Pearl River Community College. Additionally, HPE and Cohesity have helped over 600 customers, including Citizen Potawatomi Nation and Proliance Surgeons, transition to a modern platform that simplifies data security and management, ultimately improving their cyber resilience.

The Executive Director of Systems and Networking at Millersville University, George Ciarrocchi, expressed the desire to do more with less in IT and praised Cohesity for providing the flexibility needed to take advantage of a hybrid, multicloud model while meeting data security and management needs as well as cost-saving goals.

Meanwhile, the Chief Information Officer at Proliance Surgeons, Curt Kwak, emphasized the importance of flexibility, cyber resilience, and simplified operations. He commended Cohesity for offering data security and management solutions that meet their changing needs while reducing complexity.

Organizations face daily threats from cyber criminals, hackers and nation states, all while grappling with the complexities of managing data across hybrid, on-premises and multicloud environments. Research shows that 89% of data is stored in hybrid or cloud storage distributed globally, leading to increased security risks and operational complexity for organizations.

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