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Globe, a leading digital solutions platform, is improving its E-Waste Zero Program, seeking to target mobile and internet devices in response to worldwide industry trends on electronic waste circularity. This project, which is set to begin on September 1, 2023, is in line with the company's goal of reducing value chain emissions and increasing e-waste circularity activities.

Globe's revised E-Waste Zero Program will focus on products that have been distributed to the market, including old mobile phones, tablets, wearables such as smartwatches, broadband devices such as routers and modems, and their corresponding peripherals such as chargers and adapters.

"As a sustainability champion, Globe takes the lead in fostering circularity when it comes to e-waste management. By refocusing our E-Waste Zero Program, we hope to improve our direct impact to our customers and business: mobile and broadband device circularity," said Yoly Crisanto, chief sustainability and corporate communications officer at the Globe Group.

Globe is among the 12 leading mobile operators in the world that have partnered with the global association of mobile network operators, GSMA, to support a new set of revolutionary goals. These goals are intended to improve the industry's approach to mobile network sustainability.

Promoting the longevity of mobile devices and lobbying for circularity can result in significant environmental advantages. According to the GSMA, refurbished phones have an 87% lower environmental impact than new smartphones. Furthermore, recycling five billion mobile phones globally has the potential to recover valuable resources worth $8 billion.

Globe's E-Waste Zero Program has collected and recycled a remarkable 216.7 metric tons of e-waste since its launch in 2014. Mobile phones, computer sets, IT network equipment and household items are among the various types of waste. The program promotes the appropriate disposal and recycling of electronic trash by utilizing a nationwide network of over 120 e-waste collection bins and partnerships with over 80 organizations.

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