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Maxis, a leading telco in Malaysia, inaugurated two new regional internet hubs at the Technical Operations Centers in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, marking an important step toward improving internet access and meeting rising data demands.

“Reliable telecommunications infrastructure serves as the backbone of a thriving digital economy and a key driver of social development. I am pleased to see companies like Maxis undertaking such initiatives to address the digital needs of the people of Sabah and encourage more innovation and the use of advanced technology for the benefit of education, business, entertainment and more,” said YB Datuk Dr. Haji Mohd Arifin.

The regional internet hub is set to improve customer internet experiences by addressing rising data volume and expected expansion in East Malaysia. Maxis intends to optimize internet services for its users through this project, offering smooth access to content and improved connectivity.

Goh Seow Eng, chief executive officer, Maxis, expressed his enthusiasm for this new endeavor: “Our regional internet hub provides our Maxis customers in Sabah superior user experience, enabling them to enjoy higher speeds and lower latency. Most of their web pages and videos will load faster, and the videos will be sharper in image quality. Businesses in Sabah using technologies like cloud-based services, IoT applications and data analytics will enjoy similar marked improvements in speed and latency as well.”

Maxis earlier announced a ground-breaking proposal to construct a regional internet hub in both Kuching and Kota Kinabalu with direct worldwide content connectivity. The hub has effectively localized 58% of East Malaysia's mobile traffic since its debut, an achievement attributed to collaboration with prominent content delivery networks such as Facebook, Google, Akamai and Netflix.

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