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Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani has revealed that the operator is currently on track to extend 5G coverage nationwide by the end of 2023.

Ambani stated at the Reliance Industries annual general meeting that Jio’s 5G network has amassed coverage over 96% of census towns in a mere nine months, with its nationwide reach anticipated by December 23, showing that the company’s 5G rollout pace has set a global record.

There are approximately 85% of India's operational 5G cells under Jio, which aims to reach almost one million 5G cells by year-end.

The chairman also discussed the operator’s Jio True5G Developer platform and a new facility called the Jio True5G Lab, which was established to expand the operator’s 5G ecosystem.

The developer platform combines Jio’s 5G network, edge computing, applications and services to provide a single platform to enable enterprises to utilize 5G services such as network slicing on-demand, application deployment and other partner apps.

Ambani also said that the platform will enable network slicing regularly, enhance resource management, reduce costs and allow Jio partners and B2B clients to develop and test industry-specific solutions.


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