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Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison has partnered with China Mobile International Limited (CMI) to offer innovative and competitive digital solutions for customers around the world.

The signing ceremony in Jakarta was attended by M. Danny Buldansyah, director and chief business officer of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, and Ge Jianbao, director & executive vice president and chief financial officer of China Mobile International Limited. Vikram Sinha, Indosat’s president director and CEO, and Gao Tongqing, EVP of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., were also present at the event.

Indosat and CMI are expected to take advantage of each other’s experience and expertise in the fields of communication, data centers and infrastructure technology to deliver better services for consumers.

“The partnership between Indosat and China Mobile International will help to bring innovative new digital solutions to our customers in Indonesia. It is another step forward in our partnership-first approach that is accelerating the nation’s digital transformation to unlock the infinite possibilities. We look forward to working together to grow our businesses and further our larger purpose to connect and empower the people of Indonesia,” Vikram Sinha explained.

Moreover, Indosat and CMI plan to jointly discover strategies that will help their business growth by tapping into new and existing markets and monetizing the 5G market.

Gao Tongqing concluded, “Now is an opportune time to move forward with our partners to accelerate collaboration between the digital economies of China and Southeast Asia. China Mobile will do its best to help create an intelligent digital ecosystem in the region, integrating technology, capital and industry to strengthen regional economic cooperation and provide a ‘digital innovation platform’ for regional prosperity.”

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