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PLDT and its mobile unit, Smart Communications, have partnered with Amdocs to accelerate their cloud modernization on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Filipino operator is upgrading its ITinfrastructure to improve business agility and respond quickly to market changes, driving innovation and delivering a better customer experience. 

Amdocs will migrate select business-critical systems and applications to AWS as part of this multi-year collaboration. Amdocs will provide cloud strategy, planning consultancy and cloud security and operations services using its new AI-driven cloud operations platform. This platform, hosted on AWS, will help PLDT and Smart optimize and scale infrastructure performance and resources as needed.

The goal is to increase operational resilience, improve business agility and ensure continuity of services. In addition to benefiting from the agility, automation and performance of the AWS cloud, the agreement between Amdocs and PLDT will also utilize AWS's cloud services to build applications and manage infrastructure. This will allow PLDT and Smart to focus their IT resources on applications that differentiate their business and enhance customer experiences.

Chief Technology Officer at PLDT and Smart, Joseph Ian G. Gendrano, stated, “Our collaboration with Amdocs for cloud migration and modernization on AWS aims to enable us to digitally connect and empower Filipinos. By leveraging Amdocs' technology modernization and AI capabilities, we reinforce our commitment to enhancing and empowering the digital lifestyles of Filipinos.”

Meanwhile, Chief Transformation and Customer Officer at PLDT, Emmanuel C. Lorenzana, stated that transitioning to the cloud is a crucial part of PLDT's overall transformation plan. This move will bring agility and speed to the company's innovations, which are expected to play a significant role in future-proofing the PLDT business.

Moreover, it will enable PLDT to provide top-notch products and services to its customers, ultimately enhancing their overall experience.

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