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SK Telecom has announced its plans to strengthen its AI programs and become a global AI company. The company’s “AI Pyramid Strategy” focuses on three key areas, namely, AI infrastructure, AI transformation (AIX) and AI service, and aims to reach the global AI market and innovate industry, society and life.

AI infrastructure includes AI data centers, AI semiconductors and multi-LLM. SKT is committed to delivering energy-efficient solutions such as immersion cooling systems and hydrogen fuel cells in response to the rising demand for data centers and the environmental concerns they bring. These advancements will be combined with Sapeon's NPU and SK Hynix's high-bandwidth memory (HBM) to provide AI hosting solutions, opening the path for global data center expansion.

Sapeon, SKT's AI semiconductor arm, plans to release the 'X330' next-generation inference AI processor later this year, featuring greater computing performance and energy efficiency. SKT is also working with worldwide partners, including Anthropic, OpenAI and Konan Technology, to create customized large language models for the telecommunications sector.

SKT intends to use AI to revolutionize its key business sectors, including mobile, broadband and enterprise, through AI Transformation (AIX). This integration is expected to greatly improve profitability and the customer experience. AI will play a critical role in customer acquisition, retention and support via AI Contact Centers (AICC), as well as in network infrastructure optimization.

Furthermore, SKT will transform SK Broadband's Btv service into AI TV, providing personalized features to provide tailored content and a smooth user experience.

SKT also launched the world's first Korean LLM service, “A,” which is set to become a personal AI assistant service that improves communication and daily living. The company is also working on introducing an AI phone service that will allow new connections based on call context, call history analysis and real-time interpretation during calls.

“Destructive innovation triggered by generative AI is already creating new value in all areas of industry, society and life. With our AI Pyramid Strategy, we will make accelerated moves to strengthen our own capabilities and cooperate with diverse partners, and [we will] expand our AI-related resource investments. Through these efforts, we aim to become a global AI company that benefits customers, increases industry productivity and solves social problems with innovative technologies and services,” said Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT.

SKT is expected to triple its investment in AI by 2028, boosting the company's income to KRW 25 trillion. SKT is projected to establish itself as a worldwide AI powerhouse through a two-track approach of enhancing internal skills and partnering with global partners.

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