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HKT, a leading Hong Kong technology, media, and telecommunications company, used its global information and communication technology capabilities to expand over 30 Chinese companies' reach to ASEAN markets in 2023 and help multinational corporations enter mainland China; solidifying the group's position as a gateway for Chinese and global enterprises aiming to venture into China and beyond.

A Gateway to Regional Markets

This year, Hong Kong strengthened its ties with ASEAN states and their leaders reaffirmed their support for its Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) membership, highlighting its unique position as a gateway to regional markets. HKT helped over 30 mainland enterprises expand their ICT to 107 ASEAN touchpoints using its geographical edge and worldwide network reach. 

Moreover, HKT also became a great platform for Hong Kong and worldwide companies to enter the mainland market, especially in the Greater Bay Area. This includes automakers attracted by China's high consumer demand and government support for new-energy vehicles, such as tax incentives and relaxed foreign investment requirements. A strategic network, all-round talents, and policy-aligned resources have helped Harman and Brusa seize expanding prospects through efficient cross-border digital transformation.   

“HKT is dedicated to propelling the regional growth of Hong Kong enterprises and MNCs while accelerating the expansion of mainland Chinese companies into the global market,” said Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group at HKT.

HKT’s Digital Solutions

HKT's revolutionary digital solutions include premium internet, Wi-Fi, cybersecurity, cloud, and more. HKT offers mainland customers in tier-1 to tier-6 cities SASE value-added services on SD-WAN to ensure comprehensive information security. EMS, along with IT support expertise helps customers handle IT talent shortages. HKT's digital solutions enable organizations to optimize operations and acquire a competitive edge via innovation.

“Supported by our digital solutions, particularly our software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), secure access service edge (SASE) and Enterprise Managed Services (EMS), these companies have achieved outstanding performance. Their success stories reaffirm HKT's unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver exceptional results for our valued clients,” Mr. Ng added.

This strategic initiative solidifies HKT's position as a key gateway for both Chinese and global enterprises seeking to venture into China and explore opportunities beyond its borders. Through leveraging its technological capabilities, HKT has become a vital facilitator for businesses aiming to navigate and capitalize on the dynamic landscapes of both the Chinese and international markets.

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