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In today's digital world, connectivity is crucial for digital transformation, and strategic partnerships are necessary for enhancing network infrastructure and ensuring seamless communication. The collaboration between BBIX PH, ePLDT, and PLDT Enterprise is a significant milestone for a stronger digital ecosystem in the Philippines.

Elevating Connectivity

The partnership aims to elevate the country's connectivity landscape by bringing together industry leaders. BBIX PH is a leading internet exchange service provider focused on delivering high-quality connectivity solutions, while ePLDT is the largest data center operator in the country, offering outcome-based services.

This collaboration is expected to contribute to improved network reliability, increased data transfer speeds, and overall advancements in the Philippines' connectivity landscape, promoting efficiency and innovation across various industries.

Empowering Businesses Nationwide

First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Business Groups at PLDT and Smart, Mitch Locsin, emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering businesses nationwide with digital capabilities. They aim to advance hand in hand with businesses, fostering a digitally-enabled nation supported by cutting-edge technologies.

PLDT Enterprise provides innovative fixed-line, wireless, and ICT solutions for businesses. The partnership will unlock new possibilities for businesses, government agencies, and individuals in the Philippines, with easier access to BBIX Philippines services through the new internet exchange points in ePLDT VITRO Data Centers.

The integration of advanced internet exchange points and the provision of high-quality connectivity services through PLDT Enterprise signify a commitment to supporting businesses, government agencies, and individuals in adopting and embracing digital capabilities. The goal is not only to enhance the efficiency and reliability of digital infrastructure but also to facilitate easier access to vital services for a diverse range of stakeholders.

In this context, fostering a digitally-enabled nation encompasses creating an environment where businesses can thrive through improved connectivity, streamlined operations, and enhanced technological capabilities. The collaborative efforts between PLDT, Smart, BBIX Philippines, and ePLDT VITRO Data Centers contribute to the overall growth and development of businesses by providing them with the tools and infrastructure needed to navigate and excel in the digital era.

This strategic alignment reflects a commitment to technological progress and economic advancement, ultimately positioning the Philippines as a competitive player in the global digital landscape. This partnership symbolizes a promising era for the Philippines, where connectivity becomes a catalyst for progress.

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