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HKT has successfully established the first 5G Private Network at Kwong Wah Hospital, which signifies the digital transformation of public healthcare in Hong Kong.

As the first of its kind in Hong Kong, the 5G Private Network at Kwong Wah Hospital not only showcases HKT's technical prowess but also serves as a model for the broader adoption of digital solutions in public healthcare institutions. This development holds the promise of improving patient outcomes, optimizing hospital workflows, and fostering a more connected and responsive healthcare ecosystem throughout the region.

The successful implementation at Kwong Wah Hospital is a testament to HKT's leadership in driving forward the digital evolution of public healthcare, laying the foundation for a more technologically advanced and patient-centric healthcare environment in Hong Kong.

Improving Operational Efficiency and the Patient’s Experience

The launch aims to improve operational efficiency and elevate the overall patient experience. This objective will be achieved by equipping authorized clinical and non-clinical personnel who are on the move with secure and seamlessly integrated mobile platforms.

The Kwong Wah Hospital's unique operational requirements are being addressed by using this innovative technology, which places emphasis on the protection of both time and data. Not only does the 5G Private Network provide protected performance, great dependability, unrivaled security, and vast accessibility, but it also provides these benefits within the confines of the hospital premises, as well as within the full coverage of HKT's 5G network throughout Hong Kong.

5G Private Network Advantages

In operating theaters, the 5G Private Network allows real-time cooperation and safe data sharing. The 5G network's ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency enable real-time 5G remote surgery consultations and a 5G operating theatre. This groundbreaking technology allows panel doctors and specialists from different hospitals and places to remotely participate in surgical procedures via 4K live broadcasting.

HKT also launched KWH@Work, a Kwong Wah Hospital-exclusive mobile app, using the 5G Private Network. Clinical and non-clinical professionals' workflow and connectivity are improved by this software, which automatically connects to the hospital authority's network using the 5G Private Network's data channel.

Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, said, “The implementation of the 5G Private Network has significantly transformed the way hospitals operate. The benefits of the 5G Private Network extend beyond enabling remote communication and collaboration among multidisciplinary medical staff. This cutting-edge network design establishes a robust foundation for secure communications in data-rich environments and allows real-time collaboration.

This significant breakthrough is poised to enable the adoption of various technological applications, including AI-Assisted Medical Image Analysis, 5G Nurse Station, RTLS Medical Asset Tracking, and HoloMedicine. Such advancements are set to reinforce HKT's position as a trailblazer in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry.

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