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Maxis Berhad has extended its partnership with Telekom Malaysia (TM), the leading fiber network provider in the country, to strengthen the nation's broadband infrastructure.

For the duration of the agreement, Maxis will retain access to the premium services offered by TM's High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) until the year 2029. Maxis will also retain access to TM's vast nationwide fiber network, thereby augmenting its capacity to provide consumers with competitive fixed broadband services and value-added solutions.

High-Speed Connectivity Expansion

Currently, Maxis provides services to more than 700,000 residences and establishments. The company is also committed to expanding this high-speed internet connectivity to farther locations throughout the country.

“We are pleased to extend and deepen our partnership with TM to further drive broadband adoption for the nation. The partnership, in conjunction with our own extensive fiber network and core mobile business, allows us to deploy our resources more efficiently and effectively so we are able to place greater focus on customer experience. This is in line with our integrated telco strategy of fulfilling all our customers’ connectivity needs,” said Goh Seow Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Maxis.

Meanwhile, Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, Group Chief Executive Officer of TM, emphasized the significance of this partnership, “TM is the ideal partner to catalyze Access Seeker's broadband aspirations whilst at the same time advancing Malaysia’s digital ambitions. Through our domestic fibre infrastructure, we are paving the way for a digital era that embraces sustainability, accelerated economic growth and community upliftment.”

Partnership Benefits

Over the years, the partnership between Maxis and TM has developed to the point where TM is now Maxis’ largest HSBB services partner. TM obtained access to Maxis’ 4G Multi Operator Core Network (MOCN) and 4G and 2G Domestic Roaming Services earlier this year in exchange, which improved TM's nationwide mobile connectivity.

The partnership between TM and Maxis highlights their respective strengths by capitalizing on one another's network capabilities in order to improve the reach and efficacy of connectivity services. Through the consolidation of their resources and specialized knowledge, both service providers enhance the standard of their offerings while also making a substantial contribution towards the broader goal of progressing the digital environment in Malaysia.

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