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In collaboration with Intel and Dell Technologies, UNICOM Engineering has significantly broadened its portfolio of immersion-ready servers. This strategic expansion is in response to the escalating demand for enhanced computing power within the contemporary data-driven landscape.

The immersion-ready servers represent a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the evolving needs of industries and businesses that require robust computational capabilities. As organizations increasingly rely on data-intensive applications and workloads, these servers offer a compelling response to the growing requirements for processing, managing, and analyzing vast amounts of information. By aligning with key industry partners, UNICOM Engineering aims to provide innovative and reliable server solutions that empower businesses to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Server Compatibility

The platforms are built on Dell PowerEdge 16G servers and can accommodate up to two fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. They are compatible with the upcoming fifth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The servers offer significant processing power and versatility, supporting various workloads such as high-performance computing, data analytics, trading, IT, and AI applications.

Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to their technological advancements, the immersion-ready servers introduced by UNICOM Engineering boast cutting-edge immersion cooling technology. This innovative cooling approach plays a pivotal role in dissipating heat effectively, thereby ensuring the stable and efficient operation of the servers. The incorporation of immersion cooling reflects UNICOM Engineering's commitment to sustainable practices within the realm of server technology.

By adopting immersion cooling, UNICOM Engineering addresses environmental concerns and underscores its dedication to sustainable business practices. This cooling method not only contributes to the servers' optimal performance but also has a positive impact on environmental sustainability. The utilization of immersion cooling is particularly noteworthy for its ability to reduce Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) values, enhancing energy efficiency in data center operations. Additionally, the technology minimizes water usage, aligning with responsible resource management practices.

Liquid Cooling Sector Growth

Market analysts predict significant growth in the liquid cooling sector, and UNICOM Engineering believes it will play a crucial role in data center design as sustainability becomes a priority for organizations.

Companies that solely rely on traditional air-cooling methods may face challenges in competing with counterparts that have adopted high-density environments supported by liquid cooling solutions. As a strategic system integration partner, UNICOM Engineering offers solution design, regulatory compliance, logistics, installation services, and global support for immersion solutions.

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