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Advanced Info Service (AIS) has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing Thailand’s infrastructure, which will strengthen the foundations of the country’s digital economy by utilizing the 700 MHz frequency band in the fourth installment of Series 3.

Developing Thailand’s Digital Infrastructure

Waroonthep Watcharaporn, Head of Business Relations at AIS, emphasized the company's dedication to the development of the country’s digital infrastructure by maximizing the use national public resource of frequency waves acquired through auctions.

Acquiring frequency waves through auctions allows AIS to optimize the allocation of the spectrum. This means the company can strategically choose frequency bands that align with its network development plan, ensuring efficient utilization of available resources. Different frequency bands also offer varying characteristics, such as increased data capacity and improved coverage.

“Moreover, we have incorporated intelligent innovations to continuously elevate our services, meeting the needs of users for convenient and rapid usage. We aim to support the growth of various industries and the overall economy of the country. Currently, AIS is the service provider with the highest frequency, reaching 1460 MHz, covering diverse usage patterns for both general consumers and various industrial sectors,” said Watcharaporn.

AIS's strategic acquisition of frequency waves through auctions, as emphasized by Watcharaporn, offers several benefits. This approach optimizes spectrum allocation, enhances network performance, and enables capacity expansion to meet growing demand for data services. It contributes to national development goals by strengthening the digital infrastructure and provides AIS with a competitive advantage in the telecommunications market. Overall, the proactive use of national public resources reflects AIS's commitment to technological advancement and meeting the evolving connectivity needs of the population.

AIS has also announced its willingness to pay the associated licensing fees that come with the use of the 700 MHz frequency.  Recently, the company has paid THB 1,881,488,000, including value-added tax, for the 4th installment of the 3rd series of the 700 MHz frequency band.

Enhancing Connectivity

The deployment of the 700 MHz frequency band plays a vital role in AIS' network development plan. Using the frequency band, known for its extensive range, will improve the effectiveness of the services offered by AIS.

AIS currently has a 5G network that covers the entire country of Thailand. The addition of the 700 MHz frequency is expected to enhance the network's capabilities even more.

Following the integration of the 700 MHz frequency, the network is anticipated to experience a substantial augmentation in its capabilities, further solidifying AIS's commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions and ensuring a more robust and widespread network infrastructure for its users. This move is not only indicative of technological progress but also underscores AIS's dedication to continually elevating the standard of telecommunications services across Thailand.

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