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Globe has recently launched Cellsite at Less Footprint (CALF), an innovative solution that enhances emergency response capabilities and meets the needs of high-demand situations.

CALF, derived from its predecessor, CoW (Cell on Wheels), is a compact system specifically developed to provide prompt and effective voice, SMS, and mobile data services in emergency and high-demand scenarios, such as large outdoor events, all within a limited space.

This technology is also designed for disaster response, recovery operations, special events, and local network deployments that require additional capacity.

Gerhard Tan, Senior Director and Head of Technology Strategy & Innovations at Globe emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to innovation, affirming that Globe has consistently been a pioneer in technological advancements.

Versatility and Efficiency

CALF's pole structure requires only 220V power and 2x2 meters of land. The Quick Installation and Deployment feature allows same-day installation and activation, minimizing the requirement for extensive manpower and lowering capital and operational costs.

The adaptability of CALF is evident by its capabilities as a temporary transportable solution. It provides coverage that extends from ten meters to several kilometers while maintaining a lower power usage. It outperforms current improvements in other countries, which provides a substantial benefit in terms of optimizing signal strength.

Moreover, CALF deploys fiber, microwave, and satellite backhaul to establish a smooth connection to the central office, avoiding dependence entirely on fiber or radio communications.

The launch of this technology highlights the company's commitment to innovation and customer service. This initiative enhances the company's capacity to effectively address emergencies and unprecedented events.

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