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Telstra plans to introduce an innovative 5G slicing solution this year, driven by a newly created proof-of-value mobility analytics engine, which is capable of creating multiple virtual networks with unique performance features on one physical network to meet specific customer needs.

The proof-of-value engine analyzes 5G slicing traffic in real-time, ensuring consumers receive the promised performance. Customers will be sent invoices according to the performance they obtain, which enhances transparency and accountability in providing particular speeds and uptime within the network slice.

Deploying 5G Slicing to Enterprise

Shailin Sehgal, Telstra Executive, Network Applications and Cloud, highlighted the significance of this development, which can be considered an essential piece in the puzzle to deploying 5G slicing to enterprise. 

“What’s groundbreaking about this development is that it allows us to commit to a minimum performance level for a customer, then measure and report on the slice performance to know if the slice is performing as designed,” said Sehgal.

Telstra's 5G slicing product ensures consistent performance and customizes slices for individual customers based on their specific needs and performance criteria using slice templates, including minimum and maximum speed, security measures, and latency.

Improved Stability and Speed

Hindmarsh, an Australian construction, real estate development, retirement services and capital management company, is the first to trial Telstra's innovative 5G slicing technology.

Mark Crameri, IT Manager at Hindmarsh, expressed contentment with the deployment, noting the exceptional stability and improved speed in accessing crucial business processes.

 “Telstra’s new 5G fixed wireless network slicing link was deployed at one of our heaviest use sites with over 30 staff. To date, the reliability of the new link has been tremendous and access to our business-critical systems is incredibly fast, not to mention video conferencing and internet access, making it faster and easier to work productively on site,” said Crameri.

Telstra has also partnered with Casa Systems to enhance network performance and configuration by utilizing their advanced Realtime Fastlane Accelerator (RFA) technology and User Equipment Route Selection Policy (URSP) 5G standard, enabling Telstra to direct various types of traffic to certain network slices using dynamic network slicing based on a network template.

Furthermore, Telstra also collaborated with Ericsson to implement this network slicing technology, showcasing the company’s 5G slicing technology's potential in providing exceptional customization and performance for different industry applications.


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