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CelcomDigi Berhad is partnering with Amazon Web Services to utilize AWS’ capabilities in jointly developing ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, with a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and user experience. The company will establish an AI Sandbox at its Innovation Centre using Amazon Bedrock— a fully managed solution that provides high-performing foundation models from top AI businesses.

Through its Innovation Centre, CelcomDigi employees will be able to experiment, innovate, and implement generative AI solutions using the expertise of CelcomDigi's IT engineers and AWS’ AI capabilities, integrating them with CelcomDigi's operating platforms for human resources, customer support, legal, and finance.

“Through our adoption of Amazon Web Service’s generative AI solutions, we can create more possibilities for future talent development and achieve operational excellence throughout our organization,” said Datuk Idham Nawawi, CEO at CelcomDigi.

CelcomDigi has started integrating its knowledge-based AI chatbot assistance with Amazon Bedrock, which intends to develop a comprehensive system for generating knowledge and data, allowing employees quick access to organizational and HR-related information.

Additionally, CelcomDigi will deploy Bahasa Melayu language algorithms using Amazon Bedrock’s large language models (LLMs) such as Amazon Titan and Anthropic Claude. Deep learning algorithms will be incorporated into solutions such as chatbots to interact with CelcomDigi's linguistically and culturally diverse customer base.

Enhancing End-to-End Operational Efficiency

“CelcomDigi’s collaboration with AWS is a great example of how telcos can enhance end-to-end operational efficiency and redefine the user experience for both employees and customers with the power of generative AI technology,” said Pete Murray, Country Manager, Malaysia at AWS.

AI-powered algorithms can analyze network traffic patterns and predict potential congestion points, allowing telcos to proactively allocate resources for optimal network performance.

Moreover, generative AI can revolutionize customer service by enabling personalized interactions and tailored recommendations. Chatbots powered by AI can efficiently handle customer inquiries and provide real-time assistance, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, AI-driven analytics can analyze customer behavior and preferences, allowing telcos to offer targeted promotions and customized services that meet individual needs and preferences.

Furthermore, generative AI can play a crucial role in network optimization and maintenance. By continuously analyzing network data and performance metrics, AI algorithms can identify potential issues or anomalies and proactively implement corrective measures to prevent service disruptions.

The partnership is expected to improve innovation, efficiency, and talent development in Malaysia's digital sector— in line with CelcomDigi's commitment to developing the country's digital ecosystem and Amazon Web Service's commitment to advancing the 5G and AI transformation in the country.

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