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 Converge, a leading telecommunications provider, is set to bolster connectivity at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by joining Globe Telecom and Smart Communications Inc. in offering free WiFi services across all terminals.

Connecting Passengers

This initiative not only ensures that passengers have access to reliable internet during their time at the airport but also demonstrates the collective effort of key telecommunications providers to improve the overall passenger experience.

By offering free WiFi services across all terminals, travelers at NAIA can stay connected with their loved ones, access important information, and utilize various online services conveniently. This move aligns with the growing demand for seamless connectivity in today's digital age, where staying connected has become increasingly essential for both personal and professional reasons.

“Currently, we have two service providers providing internet access for our terminals and, currently, the installation of hardware of the third (telco) provider is ongoing,” announced Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) spokesman, Chris Bendijo.

Enhancing Data Bandwidth

According to the timeline outlined by MIAA, Converge will start providing free WiFi by this month.

“By April, we will have a third provider. Right now, the current data bandwidth cannot accommodate the number of people in our airports so there is a restriction—after two hours, if there is no movement, you will be disconnected and you have to re-login. But come the entry of the third player, hopefully we can provide more internet connectivity,” Bendijo added.

Robust data bandwidth in airports is essential for meeting the expectations of modern travelers and supporting airport operations. Airports rely on data bandwidth for advanced technical capabilities such as high-speed connectivity, scalability, reliability, quality of service (QoS), security, seamless roaming, and support for emerging technologies.

This initiative builds on Converge's initial rollout at Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 last year. The initiative is part of a broader public-private partnership that aims to provide complimentary Wi-Fi across all four NAIA terminals and eight other airports nationwide, including Mactan-Cebu International Airport and Davao International Airport.

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