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Rakuten Mobile and RADCOM Ltd. have extended their ongoing partnership with plans to expand their technology solutions to include advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics.

RADCOM will continue to provide Rakuten Mobile with its current technology solutions, while incorporating AI services, such as anomaly detection and automated root cause analysis. These technologies are specifically developed to proactively detect and handle network problems, allowing Rakuten Mobile to maintain high quality service and enhance operational efficiency and network automation monitoring.

Leveraging AI/ML

Rami Amit, Chief Technology Officer of RADCOM, expressed enthusiasm regarding the renewal of the partnership and the opportunities presented by deploying AI-powered technology solutions.

“Our advanced, innovative assurance solution allows Rakuten Mobile to leverage the power of AI/ML insights to gain end-to-end visibility across their network and drive automation to ensure unparalleled focus on service quality, fast detection of potential issues, and efficient network operations,” said Amit.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi Takeshita, Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Head of Network Operations at Rakuten Mobile, highlighted the reliability of RADCOM's solutions based on their previous partnerships.

“We’re excited to expand on our collaboration to include AI-driven service and network analytics critical for monitoring our customer experiences in real-time,” Takeshita added.

Automating Assurance Procedures

RADCOM ACE is one of the key focuses for the renewed partnership. It is a system that utilizes sophisticated AI and machine learning (ML) analytics to automate assurance procedures across the whole network, from the radio access network (RAN) to the core.

The technology enables the automation of telco-specific procedures, allowing teams to enhance quality and operational efficiency. The system also allows network operations centers (NOCs) to detect anomalies quickly in different services, such as roaming, Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE), and video streaming. Core engineers receive timely warnings and are alerted to trace analytics, enabling them to promptly investigate any degradation issues.

Meanwhile, automatic root cause analysis can help RAN teams in efficiently identifying and addressing problems. Moreover, the cloud-native architecture of RADCOM ACE incorporates container-based cTap for load balancing and traffic management, ensuring smooth automation and adaptability.

The extension of the partnership between Rakuten Mobile and RADCOM Ltd. marks a significant step towards advancing technology solutions in the telecommunications industry. With the incorporation of advanced artificial intelligence-powered analytics, both companies are poised to enhance their capabilities further, offering improved services and reliability to customers. This collaboration underscores a commitment to innovation and underscores the potential for continued growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile communications.

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