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Reports indicate that executives at Converge ICT Solutions, a broadband provider in the Philippines, have mentioned that two major international subsea cable networks they are involved in are experiencing delays and may not be completed until next year.

The Bifrost Cable System and the South-East Asia Hainan-Hong Kong Express Cable System (SEA-H2X), originally planned for completion this year, are facing unexpected delays in their rollout process.

Converge CEO, Dennis Anthony H. Uy, mentioned challenges in obtaining permits in countries like Indonesia, while Converge's Chief Operations Officer, Jesus Romero, cited rough weather conditions as contributing factors to the delays.

Romero stated that the cables may be completed by the first quarter of 2025 at the latest, but could potentially be finished late this year, or early next year.

The Bifrost cable, boasting a capacity of 10.4 Tbps, is poised to significantly enhance connectivity by linking multiple countries across a total distance of 19,900 km. This extensive network infrastructure promises to revolutionize communication by enabling seamless data transmission across vast distances, facilitating collaboration, trade, and innovation on a global scale.

Similarly, the SEA-H2X project, spanning 5,000 km with an impressive design capacity of 160 Tbps, holds the potential to revolutionize connectivity in the region by connecting various countries. By bridging gaps and overcoming geographical barriers, these projects not only foster economic growth and development but also promote cultural exchange and cooperation among nations.

Additionally, the high capacity of these cables ensures robust and reliable connectivity, allowing for the efficient transfer of large volumes of data essential for various sectors such as finance, healthcare, education, and research. Overall, the deployment of these advanced network infrastructures signifies a monumental leap forward in global connectivity, unlocking boundless opportunities for progress and collaboration in the digital age.

Converge is part of the consortium involved in the SEA-H2X project, along with other companies. In 2021, Converge acquired rights to a fiber pair on the Bifrost system and agreed to collaborate on a branch landing in Davao.


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