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Rakuten Mobile has pioneered the radio frequency testing for its 700 MHz spectrum, also known as the “platinum band”, allocated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Leveraging its proficiency demonstrated in pioneering Japan's inaugural fully-virtualized cloud-native network adhering to Open RAN standards within the 1.7GHz band, the company is now preparing to initiate base station operations utilizing the 700 MHz band.

Following the completion of radio frequency testing, Rakuten Mobile intends to swiftly commence the deployment of commercial services utilizing the 700 MHz platinum band.

Strengthening Network Quality and Coverage

In April 2020, Rakuten Mobile launched its full-scale mobile carrier service. Since then, the company has consistently strengthened its network quality and coverage through the build-out of 4G and 5G base stations in addition to roaming agreements with its partners.

The 700 MHz band offers superior coverage capabilities compared to higher frequency bands. By deploying services in this band, Rakuten Mobile can extend its network coverage to a wider geographic area, including rural and remote regions where connectivity might have been previously limited.

Lower frequency bands, such as the 700 MHz band, have better penetration characteristics, especially indoors and in densely populated urban areas. This allows for more reliable connectivity for users located indoors or in areas with obstacles that may obstruct signal propagation.

The deployment of services in the 700 MHz band enables Rakuten Mobile to augment its network capacity. This is particularly advantageous in areas experiencing high data demand, such as urban centers and event venues, where the network may be congested.

As Rakuten Mobile continues to expand its 5G network infrastructure, utilizing the 700 MHz band for commercial services lays a foundation for seamless integration with future 5G deployments. The band's compatibility with both 4G and 5G technologies ensures a smooth transition and optimal user experience as customers migrate to next-generation networks.

A Leading Mobile Operator

Rakuten Mobile has since achieved a population coverage of 99.9% and has consistently been recognized by Opensignal as one of Japan’s leading mobile operators in five network performance categories.

Rakuten Mobile's strategy involves a phased approach to implementing platinum band services through its current base stations, with an initial focus on urban areas. By prioritizing densely populated regions, Rakuten can efficiently leverage existing infrastructure to extend coverage and deliver high-quality services to a significant portion of its customer base.

Rakuten Mobile remains committed to elevating its network infrastructure in Japan and providing subscribers with cutting-edge mobile services, while being cost-effective.

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