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Telkom Indonesia and cybersecurity firm, F5, have recently joined forces to enhance their security capabilities and services. This collaboration was solidified through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Thursday, May 2. Under this agreement, the two companies will work together to offer comprehensive cybersecurity services to the Indonesian market.

This includes advancing development and strengthening Telkom's expertise in cybersecurity and other digital products. F5's expertise in application and API security, as well as multi-cloud management, is expected to enrich Telkom Group's IT services portfolio.

Budi Setyawan Wijaya, Director of Strategic Portfolio at Telkom Indonesia, emphasized that the Telkom-F5 partnership aims to boost Telkom Group's capabilities in cybersecurity, aligning with Telkom's strategic program, especially in B2B digital IT services.

FM Venusiana R, Director of Enterprise and Business Service at Telkom Indonesia, highlighted the increasing need for cybersecurity in Indonesia due to digital transformation and the upcoming Personal Data Protection Law.

This partnership reflects Telkom Group's commitment to providing reliable cybersecurity services. Adam Judd, Senior Vice President APCJ at F5, expressed that F5’s goal is to deliver innovative solutions to secure applications and APIs through the collaboration with Telkom. He mentioned that the partnership not only addresses current cybersecurity challenges but also presents opportunities for new business models.

Surung Sinamo, Country Manager for Indonesia at F5, expressed his excitement about the strategic partnership with Telkom. By combining product bundling and leveraging Telkom's infrastructure strengths, they aim to enhance cybersecurity services for Indonesia's B2B technology market.

Overall, this strategic collaboration is expected to support the government's efforts to strengthen the Indonesian economy by playing a crucial role in building a secure and sustainable digital economy.

As Indonesia moves towards a digitally-driven economy, ensuring the protection of personal and corporate data is crucial not only for maintaining trust and confidence but also for complying with legal requirements.

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